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Women and girls in Poland will die

While United States fight against school shootings with #NeverAgain campaign Poland struggles with women basic rights as human beings. Today we go out on the streets (again!) to fight against removing severe or fatal foetus impairment from the list of permitted grounds of abortion. We already have one of the most restrictive abortion rghts in EU and its about to drop almost to zero causing death of thousands of girls and women across the country #Czarnypiatek #blackfriday Today abortion in Poland is only allowed if the pregnancy is caused by rape, incest or if the woman’s life is in danger or in cases of severe or fatal foetal impairment. When in October 2016 Parliment wanted to deligalize abortion completly Polish women came together in one of the biggest protests of history of women rights. We stood in rain with umrelas and made that protest historical "black umbrelas protest" or "Black protest". It helped but since that day the Parliment keeps pushing the law tow…

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