"A Mental Map of Venice"

Maps are fascinating but it's been a long time since I had a real paper one in my hand. Google knows better. That's a fact. Printed version is fading away but they are still a common symbol on business cards of unique Venice. We all know Venice is an architectural phenomena which slowly disappears before our eyes. No wonder it is a must-visit stop on a map for most travellers - in some point of life or another. That's why I am fascinated by the installation shown from May to November 2016 at Time/Space/Existance, at Palazzo Mora, a Venice major art gallery.
An installation "Venice Re-Mapped" by Johannes Knoops, associate proffesor of Interior Design is a an animated wireframe map of hundreds of business cards which he collected during 2008 residency through the Emily Harvey Foundation

“It raises questions about how people understand their cities,” said Knoops.
Wikipedia says:
Johannes Knoops is an American architect, international architectural correspondent and professor of architecture in the department of interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York city. Knoops design for a desk in the tradition of a Japanese scholars study as influenced by origami was written about in New York Magazine and his design for a new wedding chapel atop the New York Municipal Building by Architectural Scholar.
An alumnus of the Yale School of Architecture, Knoops is a 2000 recipient of the Rome Prize in architecture. At F.I.T he has been recognized with a faculty award for "rewriting (his) department's cirriculum and refreshing the Lawrence Israel Prize Lecture".

My "mental map" of Poland and USA


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